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Lake Highlands Band Alumni Association

Our mission:

“To reconnect with fellow Lake Highlands Band alumni and, in cooperation with the Lake Highlands Area Band Club, provide resources and help promote the music education opportunities and rewards of the Lake Highlands Band Program."

Joining is easy!

  1. Fill out our membership form.

  2. On the membership form, choose your desired tier of membership. Note: You are not required to donate to join! If you choose to donate, you will be directed to our LHABC PayPal account. All donations go directly toward supporting LHABC students!

  3. Watch your email inbox for communication from the LH Band Alumni Association!


Thank you for your support!

Our Members

* All-Region Member ($125 - $249 yearly contribution)
** Area Member ($250 - $499 yearly contribution)

*** All-State Member ($500 - $999 yearly contribution)

**** Directors' Circle Membership ($1,000+ yearly contribution)

Fans and Families of the LHHS Band

Jack Baines *


Class of 1964

David Surles, Trumpet *

Class of 1970

Sonny Morgan, Trumpet *

Class of 1971
Ann Haynes (Alton), Euphonium *

James Klein, Trombone and Euphonium **
George Landis, Clarinet *
Scott Williams, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, and Drum Major *

Class of 1972

Ken Kleid, Euphonium *
Shirlene Peel (Phillips), Flute *

Vicki Scarratt (Trowbridge), Flute

Class of 1973

Connie Freeman, Clarinet and Drum Major *
John Williams, Trombone
Cindy Stephens, Horn *

Class of 1974

John Roberts, Clarinet ***

Susie Roberts, Alto/Tenor/Bari Saxophone

Class of 1975

Nancy Bach (Hood), Flute **

Mary Terry (Pendergrass), Clarinet and Drum Major ***

Class of 1976

Julie Holman, Flute
Jay Williams, Trumpet *

Class of 1977

Ellen Dittman (Pendergrass), Flute *

Karen Robertson (Pike), Flute and Guard
Vicki Hermonat (Lemmond), Horn

Class of 1978

Phil Huang, Trumpet ****

Dick Laurin, Trumpet *

Chuck (Charles) McClenny, Clarinet
Elisa Massimino, Flute and Guard *

Class of 1979

Charlie Stimson, Alto Saxophone ****

Karen Simpson (Deckard), Flute and Colorguard

Class of 1980

David Sanders, Clarinet and Percussion ***

Meredith Stimson (Pike), Bassoon and Colorguard ****

Class of 1982

Susan Conner (Cole), Clarinet and Colorguard *
Abby Kinney, Trumpet ***
David Ziegler, Trumpet **

Class of 1986

Scott Gray, Alto/Tenor Saxophone and Drum Major ****

Class of 1987

Karen Halsey (Irwin), Horn and Drum Major

Class of 1988

Don (Donny) Goin, Trumpet ****

Class of 1998

Christopher French, Percussion

Jeremy Pendery, Horn

Class of 1999

Jonas Penermon, Bari Saxophone
Alixandra Porembski, Percussion

Class of 2000

Amy Hammer (Spencer), Flute, Colorguard, and Drum Major

Class of 2002

Candice Childers (Pococke), Bass Clarinet

Class of 2008

Anna Motes (Grimmer), Horn

Class of 2010

Jennifer Ciocan, Flute

Andrea Kerr, Oboe *
Patrick Pickett, Percussion

Claire Pittman, Horn and Drum Major *

Class of 2020

Valerie McNamara, Flute and Drum Major

Darcy Mitchell, Trombone

Dexter Sullivan, Horn

Class of 2021

Emma Duncan, Alto and Bari Saxophone

Class of 2022

Preston Baty, Tuba

Caden Chase, Clarinet

Carson Iltis, Horn and Drum Major

Elizabeth McNamara, Alto and Bari Saxophone, Drum Major

Aaron Sullivan, Tenor Saxophone

Garrett Woodbury, Horn

LHHS Directors and Staff

Reagan Brumley, LHHS Head Director (2021-2024) and LHHS Assistant Director (2006-2008) ****
Levi Chavis, LHHS Head Director (2017-2021) **

Claire Pittman, LHHS Associate Director (2021-present) *

Amanda Smith (Johnson), LHHS Assistant Director and FMJH Head Director (2011-2020) *

Pete Tolhuizen, LHHS Assistant Director and LHJH Head Director (1977-1990)

Frank Troyka, LHHS Assistant Director and Guard Director, FMJH Assistant Director, and Lesson Teacher (1978-1991)

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